Moving made easier®

U-Haul trucks are specially engineered from the ground up to move families, not freight.

Most space

Our 26' rental truck is 13% larger than our nearest competitor.

Our exclusive Mom's Attic ® provides extra storage space above the cab to separate fragile items from the rest of your goods.

Protection for your goods



Our specially engineered Gentle-Ride Suspension ensures a smooth ride for delicate possessions.

Unlike our competitors, the insides of our trucks have rub rails on all sidesto protect your belongings.

Easy to Load


The low decks on U-Haul trucks were designed for families to load right from their house. Our competitors' trucks were designed to be loaded from a loading dock.

Towing Capability

Our patented EZ-Load Ramps ® are wider, shorter and more rigid than any other ramps in the industry.


All U-Haul trucks have towing capability in case you need extra space or want to tow a vehicle behind you.

Moving truck towing your vehicle


Safety Features

U-Haul trucks have more safety features than any other rental trucks in the industry.

Our cabs and mirrors were designed so that every customer, tall or short, can see well while driving.


Well Maintained

Our equipment inspection and verification program ensures clean, well maintained equipment for every customer every time.


Damage Coverage

We also offer damage coverage options to relieve you of financial responsibility for any damages to the equipment.

Air Bags


All of our rental trucks come equipped with a driver-side air bag and our newest trucks have a passenger-side air bag.


Our larger rental trucks have three-across belted seating to ensure everyone in the cab is safe.

24/7 Roadside Assistance


Having more than 15,000 locations comes in handy if the unexpected happens. With our 24/7 roadside assistance, we can get you back on the road quickly.


We are dedicated to lowering your fuel costs and giving you a better moving experience.


Fuel economy gauge

U-Haul rental trucks have a low profile,rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts to reduce wind drag and raise fuel economy 20%.

All U-Haul rental trucks use cheaper, cleaner and more convenient unleaded fuel.

Use the fuel-economy gauge to save money on fuel and reduce air pollution.


Because U-Haul has over 15,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada, you'll be able to pick up equipment close to your origin and drop it off close to your destination.









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